Self Care Panda Bear


During the first months of lockdown in 2020 a lot of us were struggling with mental health and keeping it all together with everything that was happening. Throughout the year I had been learning how to practice self care regularly, but I still needed reminders once in a while.

The idea for the stickers came one evening when I drew a whole page of self care "mantras" involving different characters. I love cute stickers and characters and I thought I could try and design and print my own.

It was a personal challenge for me to start and stick with a project which by the end rewarded me with physical proof that I had finished it and could share with others.

Doodles & exploration

Initially I had developed a few different characters, but I decided to keep to one panda character in the end. I'm envisioning a second set where I introduce new characters as well.

Final designs

I printed a limited number of stickers using Sticker Mule and posted them to my friends who were also struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic. It's been a very rewarding project from start to finish.