Redesigning a FreeAgent Illustration


As part of the School of design, I was encouraged to develop my illustration skills.

I am currently working for FreeAgent, an accounting software company, and I thought it would be a good exercise to improve on an illustration on the company website.

I picked this one on the home page which I thought lacked a bit of personality and could be tailored to different customers. This would help personalise the experience for potential customers and make the illustration more playful and on brand.

Dog walker, hairdresser & photographer


I started by researching the most common types of businesses among FreeAgent users. The software is aimed at small businesses and freelancers, and I decided on 3 variations of the illustration, so I settled on dog walker, hairdresser and photographer as my businesses.

I did some sketching of some common objects for each client persona, and refined the illustrations further in Adobe Illustrator. I managed to recreate a colour palette by looking at other FreeAgent illustrations.

Final illustrations

Thank you for reading!