Data Goose


Data Goose is a startup that gives users control over their personal data online, enabling them to decide how that data is used. I worked with the co-founders to establish a branding direction, design a logo and create a cohesive illustration system.

Friendly professional


I kicked the project off with a branding questionnaire to help us understand the company's mission. This allowed us to establish a direction for the project, through some visual exploration.

I distilled the information down to tease out the key attributes of the brand, including establishing voice and tone, and a brand dictionary. We settled on: approachable, fun, clean, modern, intuitive and honest.

Power of the flock


The Data Goose team knew they wanted a logo featuring a goose, being inspired by Mailchimp's Freddie character. I started with sketching out some initial logo designs, my main focus being on users feeling empowered, in control and free.

I moved the sketches into Illustrator and did more exploration incorporating the brand colours.

The Data Goose team liked the more minimalist/geometric style rather than detailed one. They wanted a combination mark with a brandmark as well as the Data Goose company name.

Final logo

Brand colours


After I had finished the branding and logo, two other designers came on board to design the Data Goose website. They approached me to update and simplify a website illustration and a set of icons in a cohesive style with the brand.



Anda's work is terrific, thorough, and fast.  She guided me and my cofounder through the process of expressing our brand identity and produced an amazing logo we are using for our company.  Not only was Anda responsive to our feedback and questions but she also introduced new ideas that really helped shape our messaging and visual story.
Mark Potkewitz, Co-Founder, Data Goose

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